Raid – A sail and oar adventure This is a leisure pursuit combining sailing and rowing. It involves a fleet of small boats capable of being rowed and sailed, exploring a coastline or inland waterway over several days, often with some competitive element.

In describing raiding, the organiser of the 2010 & 2011 English Raids[1] states; “The idea of making coastal voyages in company, in open boats powered by sail and oar, was given currency by the French group Albacore, led by Charles-Henri le Moing during the 1990s, starting in Portugal and Scotland… The word raid has slipped into English and lost its usual associations of pillage and destruction – to those who participate at least.”

Raid New Zealand was formed to Promote, Support and Facilitate small boat adventuring and raiding in New Zealand.

We are a group of like minded individuals who enjoy getting on the water in small sail and oar type boats for fun and recreation. Come join us.

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